Thursday, February 19, 2009

Status update

Currently in: Phase 2: Second Round Edit, sound and picture refining (1-2 weeks)

Halfway done with my second round editing! It's going faster than expected, which is a good thing. Everything is synced, awkward cuts are removed and color correction is going well. I haven't played with the sound yet, I'm considering just leaving it raw. Also, sorry for the delays in replying to emails, I'm playing catch up with the messages tonight.

And for those of you requesting raw materials (video, stills, hard drive swaps, etc.) I might not be able to do that until after I complete the DVD. My time is pretty limited. I've been busy at work and I'm starting a new class next week, so my time window is closing. Sorry :( But I will get to it as soon as possible.

Also, official ordering has yet to happen, so when this is all done, you will still have time to get a copy. And if the demand is higher than my already high estimate, I can always order more media.

Project outline:

Phase 1: First Round Edit (Complete!)
Phase 2: Second Round Edit, sound and picture refining (1-2 weeks)
Phase 3: DVD movie project finalizing, Menu artwork creation (3-5 days)
Phase 4: Purchase materials, DVD/DVD box Cover art design creation and printing (1-3 days)
Phase 5: Post paypal/order information, start putting individual orders together (1 week)
Phase 6: Mail everything out! (until people stop requesting, or I can no longer afford materials)


  1. hi! i couldn't find a way to contact you but i am very interested in the finished blu-ray. i hope i am not too late.

    also, how long have to been doing video editing for? are you very skilled? i ask because i am also a videographer. i attempted to start downloading the enormous files but stopped when i realized so many others were already ahead. not to mention the lame conversion because it won't read on a PC.

    anyways, my contact info is below.


    michael sweeney
    everythingtonothing studios

  2. Hi Michael,

    You're not late on the blu-ray ordering, I just needed to get an estimate on the demand for the blu-ray version (it's pretty high!)

    I've been doing video editing on and off for a few years, nothing really big, mostly small student projects. I minored in film in college and I have developed an eye for things, but as far as skill goes, I think I'm a work in progress. But I do pick up things rather quickly. Also, I've never done anything music related and with so much chaos going on like this footage, so it's a really fun and exciting challenge!